AES FY24 Quarterly Reports, January to March, 2024

Please see attached AES FY24 quarterly reports for the deletes, additions and updates of our OBIS and e-record loads from January to March 2024.

Load Report – Providers, January to March 2024. [PDF]

Load Report – OhioLINK, January to March 2024. [PDF]

Load Report – OBIS & Summon Updates, January to March 2024. [PDF]

Submitted by AES TEAM,
Justin Long
Dean Nusbaum
Marla Thompson
Selina Wang

Update on Memorials for Alison

After a lot of discussion with Eboni, library staff, STEM faculty, and SciLib student workers past and present, we have landed on three ways to pay tribute to Alison’s contributions to Oberlin:
1. We will rename the FOCL Research Award the Alison Scott Ricker Research Award (approved by FOCL)
2. We will erect a sculpture by Robert Lawrence Lobe outside the Science Library windows. Entitled Big Steel Piece, it was created in 1964 when Robert Lobe was a student at Oberlin (and apparently needed reference help on the science of steel casting before he could do it!)
It measures approx. 42 in. tall x 36 x 36. It is abstract, with no fixed viewpoint.  We will have a new  stone base created for it. 
3. And we will install a plaque inside the library to honor Alison’s role and service (more on that as we pull together a draft text).
For those who do not know, today is Alison’s birthday so I thought it apt to let you know today…

RIG Verified Discussion 7/25 @ 3:00

Join RIG in the Thornton Room or on zoom on Thursday, July 25 to discuss Verified:
How to Think Straight, Get Duped Less, and Make Better Decisions about What to Believe Online by Mike Caulfield and Sam Wineburg.

It’s an engaging and funny read that updates outdated information literacy advice (like paying too much attention to website domain) and provides helpful strategies for navigating misinformation online. I highly recommend that anyone who teaches or promotes library collections to students check out the book and attend the discussion. We’ll be brainstorming how we can use these techniques to get students to engage critically with resources like our New York Times and Wall Street Journal subscriptions.

You can find copies in OhioLink and SearchOhio. We’ll have a small number of extra copies that we plan to give away to students at orientation coming in the next couple of weeks – let the core ref team know if you want to borrow one of those!

Library Council Proposed Changes

Hi all,

Many thanks to those of you who participated in the discussion regarding Library Council at the Pan-Library Forum today. I mentioned that we are asking for feedback. Please fill out this Google Form and share your thoughts with us! Remember to click on the OCL Committee Roster link and update the committee memberships.

DEADLINE is June 21st

Thank you for your help!